Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Kawanku kereta baru

"ahh salam lal, lawa kereta ku?" Aziz said
"aiihh gila lawa eh, i-vtec ni yo?" i wonder
"bukan" he replied with a straight face

I-vtec or not, this CR-V sure packs a punch with its single cam technology (hahaha). Ok! ok! seriously this car is a good looking one, white color and full bodykit. He had traded his old 1st generation CR-V for the new one and i must say its a good catch. Though he wasnt satisfied with the new CR-V at first, im quite sure he will grow to love it.

For the new CR-V, the spare wheel are no longer placed at the rear, but instead it's beneath the car itself. Side-step and merc like side mirrors. I even saw an ipod adapter between the driver and passengers seat. Thats cool given that this car also comes with a six-disc changer. The front lamps are also a welcome addition, its beautifully crafted into the car that its menacing and also gorgeous at the same time.

Sitting inside the car, i feel that there's more leg space inside, the speedometer has the trip button, common among new cars nowadays i guess.

six-disc changer

proud owner showing me the back of the car, he said he wants to sell durian.

Full body kit Honda CR-V

Lastly, after taking me for a ride in the CAR PARK (hahaha) it was time for my friend to go. After experiencing the comfort of the new CR-V i would like to see how it performs along our coastal highway, its fuel consumption and handling, but i bet it'll be good, cause after all, its a Honda. Congrats Aziz on the new car, and please do take good care of it and dont back up onto the lampost (hehehe).

Aziz driving home, leaving me standing in the rain.

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