Monday, November 24, 2008

Ann & Mas Wedding Part 4

Ann & Mas having a good time

"minum sygg...sedakan krg"

so sweet~

taking time to pose with Ann

Ann's proud parents

Mas family members

Pengapitnya nda mau tinggal

Officially Husband and wife

Congrats to Ann & Mas, be happy for eternity!

Ann & Mas Wedding Part 3

the leader of the pack looks on

There were wedding perfomances performed by the Silat troupe ( i don't know from which association it was, i'll update it later). They were disciplined and their moves were smooth, it was great fun to watch it. Below are some pictures from that day.

the opening act

hehe i like this one

Achoi surprised me with his skillful demo

to be continued...

Ann & Mas Wedding Part 2

start of procession to the bride's home

Dont mess with that dude, he'll kick ur a**! ha ha!

ladies of the day

Pusing naga

The groom can't wait to meet his bride

Ann & Mas

Silat Performance by these cute little kids

"when do we start?"

Pengapit for a day, Ajees, minta gambar tah ganya. Ha Ha!

Adat istiadat Tutong, Basuh Kaki

to be continued...

Ann & Mas Wedding Part 1

Indra aka Ann

The witness bearing his signature

making it official

The first part of the wedding ceremony, didnt took a lot of pictures so im just going to put the "good ones" in. My first time taking wedding pictures. I've promised to post the pictures, so here it is.

The groom with his family

Cousins! Free pose!

The local artiste

King for a day

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

DST Group Open Day Carnival 2008 Part 5

The final day of the roadshow was the day that the lucky winners for the DST prize draw are announced. Not much pictures from that day, just of my friends and the happenings around that day.

Chicky dancing with a child

That mascot is supposed to be the nugget?


Reza and Amir

The midday sun

A.R Romzi was brave enough to hold the non-poisonous snake

"ok kan ni?!"

"banar ni nda bebisa?"

The snake, which i don't know from what species its from

Old mates from school, Bob and Bexx, siblings.

The lucky winner of the VW Passat, looking at him we can tell he's still in a state of shock!

Alright guys, that's all from the carnival, i'll be posting more in the coming weeks which will cover just about everything, thanks :-)

p/s any enquiries about the pictures in here, mail me at