Monday, December 15, 2008

Sunset Lovers : Jerudong Beach

The other day i went to Jerudong beach, its one of the famous spot in Brunei to watch the sunset. I used to go here back then with my friends just to chill and enjoy the breeze. I also remembered watching endless shooting stars one night during Syawal back in 2003. Be it then and now, the place never really changed, its still the same as before, just like memories.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Holidays : You just got to love them!

Ahh, the school holidays is here again, and this time around as any other holidays, the students in our country are rejoicing it with full spunk and energy. Its time for them to wind down with their family and friends. This is also the time for parents to take their leave and join their children for the holidays. Some decided to fly to some fancy places, some went back to their homeland and many of them went to the beach! Enjoy~

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Go-Kart race in JP

Hey guys, i decided to put the pictures from that day on slideshow saja, there were so much pictures to post and im eating my bandwidth so to speak, so here it is. Enjoy~

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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Go-Kart race in JP

coming soon...

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Final Score: Rak Thai 6 - 4 Sensasi F.C

Last night i went to UBD Track and field for a football friendly between Sensasi F.C and Rak Thai F.C, the match was played amid the never ending downpour. I had the chance to test my new lens, but i was limited to just sitting in the "dugout" because i don't want my camera or myself to get wet hehe. This is my first time shooting sports photography and at night as well, it wasn't easy, need a lot of training and know-hows to perfect the technique.

Sensasi F.C had to overcame such difficult odds early in the game because their keeper didn't show up and the lack of players turning up early in the game, early in the first half they had to play with just 10 players on the field and i can't imagine how they managed to keep the scoreline to a reasonable margin. Here's a tribute to team Sensasi F.C, good job guys!

The standby goalie, Todd.

boxer on the field haha!

i didnt see this! OMG! haha!


No. 4 - GnNr

Rak Thai back defending

Sensasi F.C defending

good clearance

our own paranaway, Zulfakri, haha.

"Ouch! i'll get u for that!"

"i told u so!"

No.8 - Rozi "eh batah jua drg ani! aku kan main ni!"

No.7 scored an open goal after a mishap between the opposing team's goalie and defenders.


enjoying the rain after the game, aaaaahhhh~

The End~