Sunday, October 11, 2009

Outing to Wasai Kendal - stage 1

Hello again guys, yesterday (Saturday) i went for an outing again with my friend, Khaliq, to Wasai Kendal which is situated around Kampong Kilanas, it wasn't easy for us to find the wasai at first since it was our first time coming there, but thanx to technology (khaliq's gps...thanks dude!) we were able to locate the place without much of a hassle. After parking our car at the small road, we trekked a bit into the jungle to get to the wasai.

i love these dreamy waters, no ND filter yet...but i want one! =)

i slipped and fell right around here..luckily i have quick reflexes...NOT! haha

relaxing sound of the water as it comes crashing down...

Khaliq holding his camera for that looonng exposure...hahah! =P

After staying there for some time, it was time to pack up our things and head out to our next destination, Louis mini zoo which is situated at Jalan Tutong. We'll surely be coming back here soon since this is only stage 1 of the wasai expedition. Im sure there is another wasai around here somewhere.

to be continued..

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