Saturday, December 6, 2008

Final Score: Rak Thai 6 - 4 Sensasi F.C

Last night i went to UBD Track and field for a football friendly between Sensasi F.C and Rak Thai F.C, the match was played amid the never ending downpour. I had the chance to test my new lens, but i was limited to just sitting in the "dugout" because i don't want my camera or myself to get wet hehe. This is my first time shooting sports photography and at night as well, it wasn't easy, need a lot of training and know-hows to perfect the technique.

Sensasi F.C had to overcame such difficult odds early in the game because their keeper didn't show up and the lack of players turning up early in the game, early in the first half they had to play with just 10 players on the field and i can't imagine how they managed to keep the scoreline to a reasonable margin. Here's a tribute to team Sensasi F.C, good job guys!

The standby goalie, Todd.

boxer on the field haha!

i didnt see this! OMG! haha!


No. 4 - GnNr

Rak Thai back defending

Sensasi F.C defending

good clearance

our own paranaway, Zulfakri, haha.

"Ouch! i'll get u for that!"

"i told u so!"

No.8 - Rozi "eh batah jua drg ani! aku kan main ni!"

No.7 scored an open goal after a mishap between the opposing team's goalie and defenders.


enjoying the rain after the game, aaaaahhhh~

The End~

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