Thursday, December 4, 2008

1st outing to Imang Reservoir Part 3

The last part of the outing, after walking around the place, i stumbled upon a dead tortoise or turtle whatever you might want to call it. It was already dead cause i think somebody ran over it with a car or might accidentally step on the poor thing. Took some pictures of my friends who are also bloggers on their own right. Well, that's it from Imang reservoir, i'll post new pictures next week. Have fun and enjoy~

KhalRizk (The Collector) of morningbrunei

Hanjak,Hanjik or Hanzik.blogspot

going nowhere...

the poor creature who met its demise, i thought it was sitting on a maggie curry at first, sigh~

young boy waiting for his first bite in the morning

on the way out~

The End

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