Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Nikon Workshop @ Empire Hotel

Last Sunday, I stood-in for my colleague, KhalRizk, who went to KL on a business trip, for the chance to take part in a photography workshop at the Empire Hotel, it was organized by Nikon and Hua Ho department store. The workshop was fun and there were lots of good food! The talks was given by Cede Prudente, Mr Jollence and Jonathan Tan. The workshop talked about Nature and Wildlife Photography(Cede), ISO and Aperture(Jollence) and Landscape Photography(Jonathan Tan). Here are some pictures from that Sunday, i learn a lot from this course, i hope there will be more in the future. Thanks to KhalRizk for giving me the opportunity, next time we'll go together aight :-)

The talk was held at the Indera Kayangan Ballroom

Outing! We were split into four groups! Our mission, landscape photography.

The curious dude with the saggy six pack, LoL!

The End~

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