Thursday, January 8, 2009

Visit to Pusat Kesenian dan Pertukangan Tangan Brunei

This morning (Thursday), my friend, Hanjak or Hanzik, and myself went to Pusat Kesenian situated at the heart of BSB to find a jongsarat for him. Seeing that the scenery there was nice i grab the chance to bring my camera with me. Since inside the building cameras were not allowed, i decided to randomly take pictures of scenery and people outside. I didn't shoot much and since we didn't stay there for long, at least. Here goes, pictures courtesy of me and some from my good friend, Hanjak or Hanzik (lol).

Pusat Kesenian dan Pertukangan Tangan Brunei

by Hanjak or Hanzik

by Hanjak or Hanzik

classic transportation for venice of asia

some of my friends used to go to that school

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Sukrina said...

Lal is that the one at Kota Batu/ Subok kah? Did they repainted the building? Those are nice colours!What is the lady creating with the coconut leaves? Nyapu lidi?