Tuesday, November 18, 2008

DST Group Open Day Carnival 2008 Part 3

The second day of the DST Group Open Day carnival was fun for me, the show started around 1 pm and i was sitting around near the booths when i saw my good friend, NikonD100boi from the distance. At first glance, i did not even see him carry his gears, which was a heartache cause i was really looking forward to shoot pictures with him. Then we stroll around the venue and he gave me a crash course on photography (which was quite embarrassing cause he's a very insistence kind of guy) . The fun really started when we decided to take pictures from the flying fox and here im able to put some of it on the site. Pictures by me and NikonD100boi.

The dude manning the flying fox

"ok! set!!"


reminds me of myself when we made our own flying fox back at our old house lol!

nice gurl sempat lagi senyum for us

we had the hill all to ourselves hehe

Taken by NikonD100boi

to this gurl, if u ever by chance to drop by my site

loved the backdrop =)

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