Tuesday, November 18, 2008

DST Group Open Day Carnival 2008 Part 5

The final day of the roadshow was the day that the lucky winners for the DST prize draw are announced. Not much pictures from that day, just of my friends and the happenings around that day.

Chicky dancing with a child

That mascot is supposed to be the nugget?


Reza and Amir

The midday sun

A.R Romzi was brave enough to hold the non-poisonous snake

"ok kan ni?!"

"banar ni nda bebisa?"

The snake, which i don't know from what species its from

Old mates from school, Bob and Bexx, siblings.

The lucky winner of the VW Passat, looking at him we can tell he's still in a state of shock!

Alright guys, that's all from the carnival, i'll be posting more in the coming weeks which will cover just about everything, thanks :-)

p/s any enquiries about the pictures in here, mail me at jazouu@gmail.com

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